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Hengfa company is a collection of research and development, design, production, processing and sales as one of the comprehensive enterprises. We are committed to the innovation and manufacturing of office chair, ergonomic chair and so on.

We attach importance to quality and dare to innovate. The company has been established and development more than 20 years since 1993. It has a advanced production equipment, professional design team, skilled operators and excellent production technology. The products have won many national patents. In 2009,the company developed more than 800 people, with multiple departments of injection molding workshop, hardware workshop, assembly workshop and management and operation, with standard systematic management. In 2019,Hengfa furniture company was carry out industrial upgrading, increase research and development, production and sales, such as mesh chair, meeting chair, training chair, negotiation chair, gaming chair and so on. Design from the perspective of ergonomics to break human cognition of sitting. From work to leisure, from theory to reality, the concept of scientific and technological innovation to change customers’ new concept of sitting, so that life becomes more comfortable.

Company development concept: Scientific and technological innovation, enjoy sitting with success

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  • 1993Year

    Focus on more than 25 years

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Foshan Hengfa Furniture Co., Ltd added seven series of double waist back multifunctional ergonomic chair products, fully automated production equipment, and obtained more than 50 invention structure and appearance patents and SGS testing certification.
Foshan Hengfa Furniture Co., Ltd was established. The main products include meeting chair, staff chair, noon break chair, and multi-function wire control armrest series products. The introduction of industry professional product testing equipment, and obtained the SGS testing certification, Hengfa enterprises to a new journey.

the company hired Guangzhou Shanying Consulting and Management Co., Ltd to implement the lean management mode, and carried out full military training for the internal staff of the company, and systematically trained and promoted the lean production, lean management and customer service of the enterprise, which promoted the enterprise management to a new level.

Hengfa Bedding company was established and implemented the ERP system management, which further greatly improved the internal operation efficiency of the enterprise. The company has developed thousands of mosquito net and bracket products, and has more than 200 invention patents, appearance patents and utility model patents. Using automatic production line, and computer flat car, with more than 100 sewing people, the number of employees up to more than 800, the management of more than 150 people. Owning independent brands such as Huameishi, Louise, Shenmei and so on. It has become the drafting unit of industry standardization. Its curtain pulling products, hanging fish rod, and Jinduo products are selling well all over the world. Its has obtained unanimous recognition from clients and customers, and has become the best company in the industry.
the calendaring plant was established, with professional production processes such as cold rolling and annealing.
Hengfa established three industrial chains, namely, Welding Pipe Factory, Injection Molding Factory and Metal stamping Factory, supporting the production of mosquito net and bracket accessories, becoming the most complete enterprise in the industry.
We awarded the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Hengfa Metal Factory was renamed Hengfa Mosquito net and bracket factory, the main products series are mosquito net and bracket.
Hengfa Metal Factory was established, the main products are mosquito net and bracket.